Kupat Ha'ir Chanukah Gifts Campaign - A Chanukah of Light and Joy. Give Them Strength! Kupat Ha’ir goes to great lengths to come up with all sorts of  creative ways to assist needy families. Beyond the significant  monetary assistance such a family receives each month, making  it possible for its members to live respectably and be spared the  pain and humiliation of desperate poverty, Kupat Ha'ir strives to  sweeten their lives and help them gather the strength they need  to cope with their situation.   It is no secret that a happy family that experiences  small moments of nachas finds within itself  greater resources to cope with the daily grind  of life. It is no wonder that children who  experience positive, happy moments  succeed in “holding on” even when the  situation at home is overwhelmingly difficult.   This is precisely what Kupat Ha’ir aims to do. Certain channels  within Kupat Ha’ir revolve around gladdening hospital patients -  those that can and should be gladdened.We do visits to old age  homes, because it is possible - and crucial - to boost the elderly  residents’ morale and thus lengthen ehtier lives, literally. It is  impossible to overstate the importance of the emotional support  Kupat Ha’ir introduces to families that have lost a loved one, for  this support is sometimes the difference between shattered  children who grow up to be listless, ambitionless adults - and  children who may be orphans, but who lead functional, healthy  lives and establish beautiful families when they mature. The Gift Campaign: The campaign begins a few months before Chanukah so that it should really be perfect! Thousands of new, good-quality toys suitable for all ages are packed by 
young volunteers and sent to thousands of children from needy families. Kupat Ha'ir's gift campaign is, in essence, the big and generous heart of you, the contributors, filling the hearts of those struggling with light and joy. The knowledge that you have caused a child to dance 
with joy will fill you with a sense of unparalleled satisfaction and pleasure! Send a Toy to a Needy Child >>